CR17 money also went to the ANC
The governing party got a piece of the pie in the controversial payments, according to the campaign’s leaked bank statements



Hospital crime endangers workers
There may be no quick fix to making our hospitals safer, but there may be one simple place to start


How to win votes and influence people
A Netflix documentary The Great Hack detailed the connections between Cambridge Analytica, the US election of Donald Trump and Brexit

M&G Africa

Botswana allegations are 'crazy', says Bridgette Radebe
Mining mogul Bridgette Radebe denies meddling in the neighbouring country’s politics


Rivers die after oil, chemical spill
A disastrous oil and chemical spill at Willowton Oils in Pietermaritzburg has devastated the Msunduzi and Umgeni and harmed those who depend on it


Include indigenous knowledge and cultures in the curriculum to improve health
A recent study revealed that indigenous people see the introduction of formal education as having brought ill-health


IMF wilfully takes austerity road
East Asia 1998, Greece 2008, Argentina 2018. The fund knows the suffering its loans cause, yet it has gone ahead in Ecuador


Money, muscle, media: how China has handled Hong Kong protests
Beijing has tried to contain the protests so far. Here are the tactics it has used


New smoke signals: Is Big Tobacco using influencers to illegally punt new products?
Could companies’ wooing of social media influencers be just a clever ploy to get around the country’s tobacco advertising ban?

Arts & Culture

The Weekend Guide
For good vibes and an arts fix, don't miss this


Norwich won’t back down
Daniel Farke will hold fast to his strategy and that alone will summon some enthralling football

Client Media Releases

Eminent scientist recognised for his research in breastfeeding
Supersonic scores another ISP win
M&As create strategic options